January 10, 2019

The Anatomy of Fear - Episode Seven: Internet Horror

The Anatomy of Fear



Episode Seven: Internet Horror

Welcome to the seventh episode of The Anatomy of Fear. On this episode, we are discussing Internet Horror. What do we mean by that? We aren't talking about movies like Unfriended, Searching, etc.

We are talking about the stuff you find on Youtube, Vimeo, Newgrounds and more. We discuss a little internet history, and perhaps where some of these things got their start. This includes the old BBS stories from the beginning of the internet, to the latest Creepypastas.

We did have an unfortunate technical issue with this episode in that the audio for Brandon came from his webcam and not the microphone. Because of this, you hear some typing from time to time, drinking noises, a crying baby, and the like. For this, we apologize as it's not up to our normal standards. These things have been taken care of though, and won't happen again.

Show Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. General banter and catching up
  3. Main Topic: Internet Horror

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Intro Music:

Music by Eric Matyas


Theme Song:

Run Motherf&*(er - You're Next Soundtrack


Audio clips during our show are not ours, and permissions for those belong to those who created them. We're not trying to steal anything, and will give credit whenever we can. If you'd like us to remove any audio clips, please let us know and accept our apology.

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